A little about me

Hello there! I'm Shiwen, and I live in Singapore with my husband, Gerard, and our two year old toddler Aly. In a past life I was an anthropology teacher in an art school here, but left that job and all the wonderful young people I worked with when a small but very amazing person came into me and my husband's lives. I love looking back at the few photos I have of life back when parenthood was so new and crazy and hard to us and realised that those photographs were so special to me because our children will only be held so much and so close once. 

Now I'm committed to documenting life as it unfolds and to do this for other families too. My goal is to help you remember your life with your young ones as it was, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. It is an incredible privilege to be invited to share in the life of my clients. All I ask is that you accommodate me as a part of your family for a day as I capture moments of togetherness and love with no pretences. 

I hope to be able to meet you soon!