Why I photograph the way I do


I don't pose babies. I won't put them in baskets filled with faux fur, or bowls, or on a cute toy truck. I refuse to place them in a little net suspended from the ceiling, or put their little hands below their chins.  

Little people have personalities too. Trust me, I've got a two year old and her personality is BIG. And it has always been, right from the first day I saw her. When I photographed little C (cutie on the left), she had all these fun expressions and hand gestures that were showing up repeatedly in the photographs. She liked to sleep with her hands sorta up in the air, and she probably will even when she's all grown up. I want my photographs to show the little quirks small people have, and years later her mum and dad can look back at these photos of C and say 'you still do that'. 

I also have a huge problem with waste. In my family, we are committed to not be a part of the problem of consumption and waste creation, and when I started Photo Rikiki, I had to extend that philosophy to my business. The few things I do use occasionally in photo shoots (swaddles, backdrops) are made of natural fibres and materials.

I love taking photographs because looking at them take me back to the moment. So let me photograph the way you hold your child when she's nursing, the way you stroke his hair when he's upset, the way she likes to cup her left cheek in her hand when she naps. I believe that these memories will be much more meaningful years later, when your little one is all grown up.