Collecting Memories: Reasons To Do A Newborn Photography Session


They grow up before you know it

This is the only good photo I have of my baby in her infant days. When I look at this I remember how her hair used to be wavy, the funny way her ears seemed squashed in the first few weeks. The way she liked to position her arms when she slept. The tiny little fingernails and oh, her newborn baby smell. This photo is the closest I'll ever get to her brand new baby smell again. 

The first few weeks are hard -- even for a seasoned parent. They go by so quickly in between the diaper changes, the feeding and the burping. It's hard to find the time to take a step back and just enjoy having the precious new arrival, and to be honest, even harder to remember these moments, given the sleep deprivation. Get a photographer who understands what that's like, and what new parents need. Get a photographer who understands that even newborn babies have personalities. It shows in the way they smile, their favourite sleeping position, they way they search for comfort in mum and dad's loving arms. Capture those early moments of togetherness. It will never be the same again. They will never be as small and as needy again.


Leave it to the professionals

I'm all for catching the first sneezes and smiles with a cellphone camera, especially before they start to make a grab for your iPhone! :p But professional photographers can deliver quality photos that capture the fine details, and long lasting prints from a professional printer. At Photo Rikiki my prints and books are done by a local printing company that does museum quality prints on archival paper. And really -- which new parent has time to do these things?  


Mum and dad deserve some attention too

It's so easy to have our entire lives revolve around a tiny person simply because they need us so much. One of my biggest regrets is that I have no photos of myself with my newborn (I don't count cellphone quality selfies >.<) Get a photographer who gives you the space and time to just BE, and captures those honest, raw moments of love between you and your spouse, you and your baby in a timeless way. Years later all of you will look back at those photos fondly and they become all the more valuable as the years go by. 


Newborn session are best done within 14 days of birth. Email to enquire about booking your session now!